Customer Support

The customer support team at TTRockstars is concerned about its customers. It works towards providing them a satisfactory solution and does all they have in order to clear all their issues and cater to their complaints. The team is very cooperative and is open to all sorts of feedback, suggestions, and all the complaints the user might have regarding the working of TTRockstars Online Portal, i.e., The team is quick to respond and will take the required time to understand your grievance and give you the appropriate solution. The company has a 24×7 customer support service. One might contact them in order to clarify any of their doubts regarding the Times Tables Rock Stars or the issues revolving around the functioning of the program.

TTRockstars Contact Details
There are various ways in which the user can contact the customer support to get their issues resolved; these are as follows:

TTRockstars Phone Number: (+44) 1234-67-41-23
TTRockstars Webpage:
TTRockstars Email Address: [email protected]
TTRockstars Postal Address: Maths Circle Limited, Ossory Offices, Hazelwood Lane, Ampthill, MK45 2HF, United Kingdom.

Here Are Some Terms And Conditions of TTRockstars You Must Keep In Mind
We highly encourage customers to contact the support team. But, at times, the network rush is high, and a lot of queries are left unanswered. Therefore, please go through a few essential terms and conditions and see if you could find an answer to your question. If not, we are here for you!

  • All the schools that are willing to subscribe to TTRockstars are entitled to a 4-week trial period. To request your trial period, please visit
  • The data of every user/child will be deleted from the system within 12 weeks after the expiry date of the subscription or trial. It is pertinent to mention here that, if the subscription is renewed, the same shall not be done.
  • You must keep in mind that the subscription to TTRockstars is only for non-commercial use. The same could not be used for commercial purposes. Further, please note that the subscription of TTRockstars is not transferable.
  • Please note that the subscription to TTRockstars is not allowed to be shared. This means that multiple schools could not share the same subscription of Times Tables Rockstars amongst themselves, even if the schools are under the ownership of the same entity. The sharing could only be done with prior permission from the company. If a school is found sharing the same without permission, the account could be terminated without prior notice.
  • It is pertinent to note that any unpaid subscription could be suspended or canceled without any prior notice. It is well within the rights of the company to do so.
  • The family subscription has a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee. If the refund request is within the 30-day period, the request should be made by contacting the company at [email protected]. In addition to this, it is essential to note that no refund shall be made after the 30-day period unless there is damage that cannot be repaired or replaced.

Rest assured, the customer support team at TTRockstars is one of the best and will make sure that neither of your questions is left unanswered or unresolved!